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Pulmoflo mattress available to rent or purchase for patients in Hospital and the Community.

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Molift Hoists
Molift hoists - designed for life.
Molift aim to deliver equipment for moving and handling to reduce the need to do heavy manual lifts and transfers, to complete one mission; give carers better health, the ground pillar of the Molift philosophy.
We give carers better health
Many healthcare workers have chronic muscle and skeletal injuries from the daily moving and handling of patients. This leads to reduced life quality and increased sick leaves. Molift will, as a moving and handling expert, deliver products and methods that provide the carer with real support and optimum work enjoyment.
Users and Patients
Molift patient lifters are designed to lift users and patients with dignity and respect.
Dignity and respect for users and patients Our idea is to give disabled people the opportunity to live a normal life, to go to school, work and travel. Molift Smart 150 gives this opportunity. It is portable and foldable in one piece and is available with a travelling bag or a travel suitcase.
In the context of eldercare, Molift lifters can contribute to an independent living for a longer time, and can also be seen as a step in the continuum of care, with assisted living being the next step.
Users and patients with some degree of weight bearing capacity should normally be lifted and moved in a stand-up lifter. Molift Quick Raiser has an inclined column that imitates the body’s natural movement by lifting up and forward. This means that the user or the patient is not lifted by the arms like a ragdoll. Molift Quick Raiser is perfect for lavatory use because it secures dignified, discrete and easy undressing and dressing.
But it does not matter how good the lifter is, if the lifting sling is not correct. That is why we focus on developing the most flexible and comfortable slings for users and patients. The slings are designed to distribute weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort. We recommend slings with padding in the back and in the leg parts when possible. The slings come in various models and sizes, and because Molift is committed to comfort and safety, we recommend individual testing to get the correct sling.
Our goal is to provide comfort, safety and dignity for the user during the lifting and transfer. For this reason we have developed a 4-point suspension as a standard on our lifters because it provides a more stable and comfortable lift with a free, open sitting position with plenty of room for the head.

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