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Molift Raiser
The Molift Raiser sit to stand transfer platform is designed to provide active, safe transfer of the user and at the same time the best possible ergonomically conditions for the caregiver.
Designed for both users and caregivers, the Molift Raiser sit to stand transfer platform makes it fast and easy to prepare a transfer. 

A transfer platform with accessories that stimulate activity. Etac Molift Raiser is developed for short distance transfers, to/from bed/wheelchair/toilet and shower chair. The Molift Raiser enables patient’s functional capacity to be trained in a standing mode; The Molift Raiser can be used for early mobilisation of patients.

The product can also be used for adjustment of a seating position for example, further back in the wheelchair. The unique accessories create conditions for different users to use the product.

Key Features
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1. The soft padded leg support provides comfortable support for the user. It is simple and  convenient to adjust the height with one-handed operation.
2. One foot locks both wheels whether you choose the left or right one. This ensures smooth operation.
3. The handle has many grip possibilities for both carers and users.
4. The low step-on boarding platform makes it easier for users to place their feet on the the platform which has a fine-grain surface with anti-slip capability.


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A. Soft handles
If the user has difficulty grasping the handle and cannot reach all the way forward, the soft handle can be used to further help the user. Supplied in pairs.
B. Brackets
Standard on new models and reto-fit on older versions; The bracket for the safety strap consists of two buttons with screws that are retro fitted to the handle frame.This accessory is required when using the Raiser strap and the Raiser Plus.
C.Safety strap – Raiser Strap
If the user feels unsafe during atransfer, a safety strap can provide support around their back when
standing up.
D.Safety strap with sliding function– Raiser Strap Plus
When users need help to be lifted, oneor two caregivers can assist using the Raiser Strap Plus

Straps and accessories are supplied separatley. Please watch the video below to see application.

 Maximum user weight 150 kg / 330 lbs / 23.5 stone
        Overall equipment weight 14.2 kg / 31.3 lbs

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