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Pulmoflo mattress available to rent or purchase for patients in Hospital and the Community.

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Mobility Scooters
Electric Mobility Scooters
Wessex Healthcare offer a range of carefully selected Mobility Scooters. We have transportable boot scooters, 4, 6 and 8 mph, and scooters with suspension for those suffering with painful conditions such as arthritis.

We have also included small indoor powerchairs in this category. They are very good for indoor mobility when walking or standing is not possible. They are also car transportable for days out and holidays.

Please see our buying guides on:
How to select the best scooter for you. Click here 

How to select the correct powerchair.   Click here

Delivery options
As a responsible supplier of mobility and disability products we recommend an assessment to ensure that the correct product is selected. So we offer two delivery options:

1. Box delivery - when the scooter or powerchair will be delivered in a box and it is unpacked and set  
    up by the purchaser. 

2. Assisted delivery - when delivery involves an assessment and user instruction by a qualified
That means we assemble it and provide tuition on its use, upkeep and ongoing care.
    We instruct on the use of the controls, how to fit the battery and cahrging it, And how to  
and reassemble the scooter's component parts for transportation or storage. The  
    technician will answer 
any questions and concerns you may have.