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Equipment Rental

Pulmoflo mattress available to rent or purchase for patients in Hospital and the Community.

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Accepted Payments

Equipment Rental

We have a number of useful items that are available for rental on a day rate, (minimum 3 days) or weekly and monthly by quotation. Deposits will be required.
The minimum is 3 days, this covers delivery, set up and collection within the Wessex region. For other regions there may be a supplementary call out and set up fee. Please ask customer services for more information or contact us on for a written quotation.

Rental charges as of 12.2.2012
Hire charge code  Product description  Day rate
WHMBF0700  Barifloat  visco elastic foam mattress  £ 10.00
WHMM4000  Barimed Air Mattress   £ 15.00
WHPULMO  Rotaional Mattress up to 30 Stone  £ 45.00
WHMM2000  Pro2000XT  Overlay  £   7.50
WHMM2001  Pro2000XT Mattress replacement  £ 10.00
WHMM0500  Medifloat Visco Elastc Foma mattress - Single  £ 6.00
WHMM0500D  Medifloat Visco Elastc Foma mattress - Double  £ 8.00
WHMM1000  Pneuair Air mattress overlay
   £ 20.00
WH10002D`  Smart Portable Hoist  with travel case  £ 15.00
WH24015D  Quick Raiser 2 + Standing Aid up to 200kgs  £ 15.00
WH13048D  Partner 255LWB  £ 20.00
WHGantryD  Gantry Hoist ( ideal for assessing overhead needs)
WHC140D  Toilet frame  £ 5.00
WHC141D  Heavy duty toilet frame   £ 6.00
WHMM4070D  Commode Heavy Duty  £ 6.50
Electric bath lifter 
WH  Double Prifiling Bed £35.00
WHC152D  Single Baraitric Bed
WHMM4010  Bariatric Walker  53.5st (340kg)  46st (295kg)   with wheels


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.
Responsibilities of the Equipment Hirer:
1.     It is your responsibility to inspect the condition of all items and to check they are in good working order
        prior to hire.
2.     The hirer has to ensure that the equipments maximum load weight will not be exceeded.
3.     Any equipment defects must be reported to Wessex Healthcare immediately.
4.     The Equipment is to be used in a correct fashion, not causing any danger to either the user or to others.
5.     To prepare or return the equipment for collection when the hire time span has been reached.
6.     Punctures/puncture repairs are the responsibility of the wheelchair hirer.
7.     If items are to be transported in by aircraft or other means, it is your responsibility to ensure they are
        adequately protected to remain free from any damage during transport.
8.     Loss or damage to the equipment is the sole responsibility of the hirer.
9.     Replacements are billed as per catalogue prices

1.     All items must be returned in a clean condition, the same in which they were hired or you will be liable for
        additional fees.
2.     If the Equipment was collected from our showroom then the equipment has to be returned to the same
3.     If the items are found to be damaged upon return you will be financially liable for the cost of new
        replacement item(s).
4.     If the Equipment was delivered then the items must be packed in the same way as it was received.
5.     When the equipment is ready to be collected it is the responsibility of the hirer to contact Wessex  
        Healthcare on 0844 245 0062.
6.     Equipment can only be returned between Monday and Friday unless otherwise arranged
7.     If the items are not returned on their due date, the appropriate additional charges will be made and are
        charged on a per day lateness penalty of the hire rate plus £2.00 per day.
Equipment Defects:
1.     If at any stage during the hiring period the equipment should be defect, the hirer is responsible to contact
        Wessex Healthcare on 0844 245 0062
2.     If the equipment is defect it is not to be used in any form until it has been repaired or replaced by
        Wessex Healthcare.
3.     Wessex Healthcare do not accept responsibility of the use of a defect item of equipment which causes
        damage or injuries.
Wessex Healthcare does not accept any responsibility for misuse or use of equipment that is not safe. All equipment that are hired from Wessex Healthcare are delivered in full working condition. 
I have read the terms and conditions above. I fully understand them and agree to all the terms and conditions:
Please print and sign attached document (PDF)