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The new E-Move has the motor built into the hub. In addition, the motor is more efficient, so the range has been extended by 20%. The extra width of the wheelchair has also been reduced by 10%.

The unique feature of the new E-Move is that it can be programmed to suit each user’s needs. It is also possible to have two programs and switch between them, for example, 1 for indoor use and 2 for outdoor use. Some examples of the adjustments that we can make for users are:

  • Power assist, between 0% and 100%, 10%/step (wheel individual)
  • Straight/turn characteristics, selection of 9 steps
  • Left/right balance, input/action sensibility selection. L/R 9 steps each.

One-handed operation is, of course, available.

Wheel weight just 7kg.

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